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The Female Fraud Forum operates within the civil and criminal fraud sectors. We want to spearhead the fight for change so that gender equality becomes ingrained in the workplace and secured for future generations. 

We currently do this by providing a psychologically safe environment for women - while all genders are welcome - and offering an exciting multi-disciplinary space for sector-experts to network, refer work, socialise, and share educational insights. 



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The FFF seeks to ensure our members are updated on developments in criminal and civil fraud, asset recovery and investigations via seminars, lectures and a quarterly newsletter.  

We support our members to stay at the forefront of emerging trends in our industry. 
In line with our core mission, we seek to offer education opportunities that promote meaningful conversations and valuable change which supports and empowers women.



We recognise the significance, particularly given the pressures of the sector within which we work, of creating headspace and promoting both physical and mental wellbeing. 

Hosting events that nurture professional relationships in non-traditional networking scenarios fosters multi-faceted connections between our members.   



Being able to meet and forge connections with strong, like-minded, aspiring individuals is a core tenet of the Female Fraud Forum. 

We cherish our events as they provide us with a safe, friendly and inclusive space to mingle,  build confidence, and create life-long relationships offering support both in and beyond the professional sphere.


Feedback from our Members

Emma Makepeace

25 Bedford Row

“I am one of the founding Committee members of the Female Fraud Forum. I originally assisted founder member and a Member of my Chambers, Samantha Riggs, to facilitate her plan, to create the Female Fraud Forum and it’s aim to encourage the advancement of women of all levels of expertise, through shared ideas, knowledge and experiences and offering a platform to inspire the rising stars of the future along with networking and work referral opportunities..."

Allison Clare QC

Red Lion Chambers

“ I first joined the FFF at the very start of my career when I was trying to build a fraud practice. It was a really welcoming, encouraging and relaxed group. This good experience at the start of my career spurred me on to rejoin more recently. It remains a great way to get to know and support other women doing similar work, share ideas and socialise..."

Vicky Richards


“I joined the FFF 10 years ago as a way of meeting fellow fraud specialists and building my practice. Since then, I have had the privilege of serving as Treasurer on the FFF committee and have also helped out with events and membership.  The FFF is an incredible group of women who are all hugely supportive and welcoming regardless of whether you are starting out in your career or have decades of experience..."


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